Accused serial attacker back in metro jail

Mobile, Ala. (WALA) A Mobile county man accused of repeatedly attacking the same woman is back behind bars Monday, June 7th. This time the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says he was trying to intimidate his victim to keep her from testifying against him in court.

Authorities say Trent Stokley attacked his ex-girlfriend on Sunday and gave her a black eye and bruises. He was out on bond from previous domestic violence charges.

Sgt. Joe Mahoney says the court case Stokley was trying to keep the woman away from stemmed from a June 2013 domestic violence charge.

“Essentially the allegations where that he strangled or choked the victim in this case and physically prevented her from being able to leave the residence to seek help,” said Mahoney.

FOX10 News has been tracking Stokley since June of last year. This is the fourth time over the past year he’s faced the same charge.

When Stokley was arrested in February the alleged victim told FOX10 News her story.

“Starting at 4 o’clock in the morning he went into a rage, woke me up out of a sleep. He snatched me out of the bed proceeded to punch me, choke me, tell me I was going to die,” she said.

A few days later Stokley’s step-dad defended him and blamed the woman.

“She comes in here and she wants to so call say that he beat her? He ain’t put her damn hands on her,” he said.

The district attorney’s office is trying to revoke Stokely’s bond so he will stay in jail while the case moves forward in court.

Stokely was let out of jail on bond through a clerical error back in February. As of Monday, he is still in metro jail.

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