Residents tell officials “good luck” with cleaning debris from Fish River

FISH RIVER, Ala. (WALA) – On Monday, July 6, the Fish River is going to get a much needed makeover.

Alabama Marine Police and Alabama Emergency Management officials will be cleaning debris that washed into the river during the historic rain and flooding in April.

Frances Rigsby, a long time resident of Fish River, told FOX10 it’s an effort that’s going to take officials a long time.

Here’s what she had to say about their endeavor to clean all the chairs, tables, boards, and other debris out of the river’s bottom.

“Good luck,” she said, “There is so much out there and they would have to have one very large net and be able to scoop up this thing.”

Rigsby lost some fifteen lawn chairs, a picnic table, a tiki bar, and other miscellaneous items from her yard when the storms created one of the largest floods the area has seen some two months ago. Her neighbor’s shed was uprooted completely, and drifted more than a mile down stream during the storm.

If that’s just the debris for one home, think of the debris spread into the river by all of the other houses in the Fish River community.

Until officials can get all that debris cleaned out of the water, they warn boaters and swimmers to be wary of foreign objects that could be hazardous.

Debris removal will also take place in the Magnolia River and Weeks Bay, starting Monday morning.

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