Neighbor: Victim’s 4-year-old reported mother’s attack

MOBILE, Ala. – The suspect in the murder of a Mobile woman remained in the Santa Rosa County jail Sunday.

Gulf Breeze police tell FOX10 News, 23-year-old Jamal Jackson was arrested following a high speed chase Friday.

Just a few hours earlier Jackson’s girlfriend Satori Richardson was found stabbed in her apartment on Navco Road in Mobile. The apartment had been set on fire.

Dorneshia Bendolph lives in the same building. She said Richardson’s four-year-old daughter came to her door for help.

“The baby came to my door at 4:30 in the morning. I asked who is it? She said “Tee-tee”. I opened up the door and said what’s wrong Tee-tee? I automatically burst out the door, I ran in the house and I was screaming her name, and I didn’t get no response, so I walk toward the kitchen. There was smoke everywhere, and the top of stove was on, and there was a shirt in the oven, so I knew something was wrong, because when I looked at the stove there was blood across the top of the stove.”

Family members said Richardson and Jackson had been dating for about a year.

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