Protect your pets for Fourth of July


FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – Fireworks and the 4th of July! They go together. However, pets and fireworks don’t go together.

In fact, pets’ reactions during this holiday can cause serious problems for the family that doesn’t prepare. The Haven, Baldwin County’s No-Kill Animal Shelter, suggests to observe your pets during the festivities to see if they exhibit any unusual behavior – shaking or trembling, excessive drooling, barking, trying to hide, refusing to eat, even bladder or bowel problems. 24PetWatch reports that call statistics show that pets go missing more during the 4th of July than at any other time during the year.

The Haven knows from experience that lost pets can increase during the festive holiday. They recommend that pet owners plan ahead and do one or more of the following prior to and during these upcoming star-spangled days:

  • Make sure your pets are wearing tags and, even better, are microchipped in case they get lost. Tags can fall off; microchips are permanent. The Haven provides microchipping for $20. If you miss doing it for the 4th of July, make sure they are prepared for any natural disasters where they could go missing.
  • While fireworks can be fun for us, they may frighten our pets. For every tone we hear, cats can hear 10. Dogs perceive sound twice as high as we do, and older pets can be even more sensitive to loud noises. With all this over-stimulation, they can get overwhelmed and run out the nearest open door or window.  Therefore, try to confine them in a quiet area of the house and make sure all doors and windows are secure.
  • Close the curtains (so they won’t see the flashing lights) and play music to muffle out the popping of the fireworks.
  • Try to distract your pet with toys or games, or perhaps have them play with another pet, provided that pet doesn’t have similar problems.
  • If possible, stay home with them.

Pets are so much a part of our family. Help ensure that these 4-legged family members are not stressed out during the holidays.

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