Grillin’ favorites for the 4th

Nothing beats a good 4th of July barbeque and we all have our favorites when it comes to
grilling time. It’s a day that ranks right at the top for grilling popularity so I stopped
by a popular Loxley grocery store meat department to see what items they have to stock up
on the most for the holiday.

“Everybody’s got to have ribs for the 4th of July, a lot of chicken and ground beef.
Anything having to do with barbequing’s going to go,” said Cain’s Piggly Wiggly Market
Manager, Tim Hobbs.

Hobbs starts ordering meats weeks in advance of the holiday and he knows what’s popular.
Just to test him though, I decided to ask a few customers what they were there to get.

“We’re going to do chicken, grilled and barbequed,” said Missi Cameron who was also
celebrating her wedding anniversary.

“Ribs, hog, chicken. My kids love hamburgers. That’s the main reason we came in here
today was to get some hamburgers,” said Anthony Bercant.

“Chicken and the boneless ribs they have that is so good,” chimed in Nancy Childress.

Chicken, ribs and burgers all made a good showing, but after talking to a few more people I
found a close runner up for popularity.

“Conecuh Sausage,” Childress added.

“Probably grill some burgers and the Conecuh Sausage. It’s pretty unique to the area,”
said Hohn Collins who was also picking up some ground pork to make sausage balls with.

According to Hobbs, spare ribs are the number one ribs seller and chicken wings have the
lead on the poultry side of the aisle.

So whatever your family decided to put on the grill this 4th of July, just remember you had
the freedom to choose what to put there. Happy Independance Day!

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