Folks set up early for Fairhope fireworks

Folks all along the coast spent Friday, July 4, 2014 setting up and getting ready for the
night’s big fireworks celebrations. That was certainly the case along the bay in Fairhope.

With the whole day to go until the party, the bluff obove Fairhope Pier was already filled
with tables, blankets and lawn chairs by mid-morning. Being such a prime location, folks
didn’t mess around staking their claim to a piece of grass.

“We’re trying to guage the sun at six o’clock and the trees. It’s a fine science,” said
Linda Lolcott who was running late finding an open spot.

Some families like the Schreiners make the Fairhope 4th of July celebration a tradition.
They started bringing in chairs and blankets Thursday night to be sure and get a front row

“I come down from Virginia every year to be with my family and it’s worth it. It’s
spectacular fireworks,” said Shannon Rutledge.

For others, deciding where to set up involved more than just where the best view is.

“It’s easy access to the porta-potties and quick access to the street. It’s crucial with
elderly and young children,” laughed Barbara Rudolph who’s attending the celebration for
the second year in a row.

The public beach north of the pier is open for parking and viewing, but the circle around
the fountain is closed this year other than limited handicapped parking. The fireworks
show is expected to last around 22 minutes, but there will be plenty of activities leading
up to it, including a performance by the Baldwin Pops.

The Pier Street beach replenishment project is finished. The 5,800 tons of sand has made
for a beautiful stretch of beach and many had already brought in chairs to save their spots

City officials recommend parking in the downtown area and walking the few blocks to the
park. The live entertainment starts around 6:30 with fireworks commencing at dark.

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