Battleship Park ready for the Fourth

The Mobile fireworks will be shot from a barge behind the USS Alabama for the crowd at Battleship Memorial Park.

“We’ve got close to 3000 lbs of explosives. The large ones over there are the 8 inch guns those will go between 6 and 7 hundred feet high and we have down to three inch which are salutes and some color for the opener. The salutes are the big bangs,” said pyro technician Pat White.

The pyro technicians make sure all the explosives are wired correctly and nailed down.

The technicians go behind a wooded structure on the barge where they set the fireworks off electrically.

This year, the city forked over 18,500 dollars for the show. City officials said in years past they spent close to $27,500 dollars on fireworks so they’ve scaled back. The show will include a tribute to Gulf War Veterans and all veterans right after the opener with red and blue.

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