Vine Debuts ‘Loop Counts’ to Track Views

A new picture and video app for IOS and Android called “Hipe” turns messaging your friends into a game. Nobody likes to wait! So, after reading a message, you have 90 seconds to reply. If someone runs out of time, the conversation is gone and you’ll have to start a new one. The company says the feature is meant to reduce the awkward silences that occur when you’re texting.

Twitter’s Vine app has launched a new feature called “Loop Counts“. It lets you know how many times someone has watched your Vine. The new feature is part of an update to the app. Now, when one of your vines does exceedingly well, you’ll get a notification letting you know how loved you are!

And, Google has bought the music streaming service, Songza. Songza uses information about the user to determine the best playlists for you at any given time. Google says nothing will change about the service for now. Songza currently has around 5.5 million active users.

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