Prichard citizens react to Speziale resignation

I n the wake of the resignation announcement of Prichard Police Chief, Jerry Speziale, citizens of Prichard reflected on the job he did in the nine months as the city’s top cop. The announcement by Prichard Mayor, Troy Ephriam came at a press conference Thursday, July 3, 2014.

In the short time he was there, Speziale left his mark on the city. His commanding, hands-on approach to police work didn’t go unnoticed by those he served.

“He left a good legacy because he was on top of everything. He really was,” said Sally Pettaway.

“He did a wonderful job. We’re going to miss him. I noticed things changed when he got here and started working here and working with the people and working with everybody,” added Lonnie Overstreet.

Ultimately, Speziale will be judged by the possitive changes he brought about. Several people shared examples of that.

“Well, I see that people are more careful about what they do,” said Larry Traylor.

“Like where I live at I noticed there used to be a bunch of boys and stuff hanging around, but that’s done gone down now,” Willie Adams said.

“He cleaned it up for the drugs so it was alright,” betty Williams noted.

With all the differences that residents have noticed, there is some apprehension as the city looks for a permanent replacement. They want somebody that will continue down the same path.

“I think we have to replace that with that type of law enforcement,” Traylor added.

“Seems like as soon as they get a good Police Chief, seems like they don’t last very long for some reason. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is,” Adams said.

Mayor Ephiam said he would have internal meetings in the future to discuss a permanent replacement for Speziale.

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