Owl Cam Season!

Talk about having a bird’s eye view!  People online are able to get a glimpse into the nesting den of an arctic snowy owl.

A high-def camera is trained on a burrow near Anchorage, Alaska – and is giving anyone with Internet a peek into the lives of up to six baby owls.
The camera is the latest in a series of offerings by the site explore.org.  It just went live this week and the images are just spectacular.

Researchers say its more about more than providing an incredible view.  The cameras provide a glimpse into the daily lives of the birds, like how many times a male will bring food to the female to monitoring the eating habits of both parents, or how often the female sleeps or takes breaks from the chicks.

There’s audio too.  The microphone on the remotely controlled camera allows researchers to hear what is happening.

Another popular Alaska camera feed on site features the brown bears at Katmai National Park and Preserve.  The bear cam gives internet users a sneak peek as the bruins patrol the river and catch salmon at Brooks Falls.

The cameras are live so there’s some jumping around. The site suggests the best viewing hours are between 9am-5pm, Alaska Daylight Time.

Happy viewing!

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