Fishing for trout in the summer

On my recent trip with Captain Joey Gates out of Bayou LaBatre, we fished a variety of places.. We did really well on a reef early. Later Captain Joey moved us to some structure in deeper water. If don’t mind the occasional beeping sound of the unmanned gas rig, then you may have found the perfect place to fish.

Now we are in the summertime, and the fishing is good out here on structure, areas like gas rigs and public reefs and other places. The best way to do it is to drift live shrimp back on corks that way you can control the depth where your bait is sitting and catches a lot of fish this time of the year.

Oh boy, look at this fish here, man they are thick in here, I am just going to swing him in. Look at that fish there, nice quality fish, we definitely upgraded to a better spot

Here’s a look at a nice keeper trout here. And the way I am fishing this one is a little bit different rig. I am fishing live shrimp under a popping cork but I don’t have any split shot on it at all so the shrimp can swim around freely. I have about a 3′ fluorocarbon leader.

We caught a nice bunch of quality trout using these techniques. “looks to be a keeper” These deeper areas are great places to fish as the weather heats up. For Fox Ten Outdoors, I am Chief Meteorologist Jason Smith.

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