Standoff in Spanish Fort ends

UPDATE: New developments in a standoff that lasted more than seven hours Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at a Spanish Fort Apartment Complex.

Spanish Fort Police have released the name of the suspect.

He’s 59-year-old James Anthony Seay.

Police said he is facing six charges, four felonies and two misdemeanors.

Authorities said the incident ended peacefully, but, after daylight, they made a discovery that showed things could have ended much differently.


Spanish Fort Police said the problems started shortly after 10:00 Tuesday night at The Arlington at Eastern Shore Centre.

Police Chief David Edgar said, “We received a call from a female subject who said that her husband had fired shots at her inside the apartment. She left the apartment while calling police. The subject then barricaded himself in the apartment. When police arrived, (he) fired several shots through the door.”

Police immediately set up a perimeter and evacuated people from 17 nearby apartments.

Many spent the night in the parking lot of the grocery store across the street.


Chief Edgar said, “We called the Daphne Special Response Team and they came over and assisted, started negotiations. Negotiations finally broke down, at such time they had to make a dynamic entry.”

When asked about flash bangs and concussion grenades, Chief Edgar said, “That was part of the dynamic entry that the special response team made to make entry into the apartment.”

What was left was broken glass and torn window blinds.


Tanera Thigpen and her family live across from the apartment.

She said, “We saw the team and everything trying to shoot stuff in there to get him out.”

When asked what he looked like when he came out, Tanera’s brother, Johnavan, said, “He was butt naked.”

Tanera Thigpen said, “Apparently he was out of it because he didn’t react to the gas or anything.”

Police said the suspect suffered some minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, but no one else was hurt.

However, investigators later discovered two bullet holes in the apartment building across the parking lot, including one near a bedroom.

When asked what he thought about something like this going on, Johnavan Thigpen said, “I don’t know. I only see it in movies.”

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