Router: No Chores, No Net

A wireless router being pitched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter will only allow internet access after household chores have been completed.

The idea might not be too popular with kids but moms and dads might love it. Now before you get too excited this is just in the developing stages.  The makers of the device hope to eventually add fitness apps into the system and reward children for getting in their exercise regularly.

So what’s the name of this device?  It’s called Kudoso; an entrepreneur from Montana, Rob Irizarry, came up with the idea.  The way it works is pretty straightforward.  Parents assign chores like math homework, walking the dog, or practicing the violin that their kids can earn currency for access to sites mom-and-dad approved.

On its Kickstarter page, the inventors write that kids spend on average 7.5 hours a day on the internet.  And that the average home has about 5.7-internet connected devices.

Technology doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.  The main concern for a lot of parents is how to manage the amount of time their kids are spending on the internet and the content they’re being exposed to.

The makers of Kudoso say parents can set which websites are more “expensive,” for example, the same amount of currency could allow for 30 minutes on an educational site, but only 10 minutes on an entertainment page.

As well as being sold as a pre-installed router, Kudoso will also be available as software to be installed on a range of routers from other manufacturers.

The creators are seeking $50,000 for the project.  At last check, around $10,000 had been raised.   They’ve got until July 25 to meet their goal.


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