MFRD: safety tips for July 4th fireworks

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – With July 4 just two days away, many are purchasing fireworks from local retailers.

While shooting fireworks on Independence Day can be fun, fire officials say it’s important to be safe during the lighting, and watching, of fireworks.

Steve Huffman with the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department told FOX10 News it is illegal to shoot fireworks inside the city limits and its jurisdiction.

But if you are in an area where they are legal to shoot, safety comes first. Here are some more tips from the MFRD:

- Only responsible adults should handle fireworks. Keep children out of reach. (The most common injuries happen to the hands, eyes, fingers, and face.)

- Only operate outdoors and away from structures.

- Be sure to keep water and/or a hose on site. (If a firework does not ignite, do not try and relight it. Simply suppress it with water.)

- Most dangerous: bottle rockets, sparklers, and firecrackers.

At Jerry’s House of Thunder in Theodore, more than 2,000 items under one roof are ready to be lit for the Fourth. Owner, Jerry Martin, says some of the most popular items this year are bottle rockets, artillery shells, and Roman candles.

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