JE Turner principal transferred

 list of transfers JE Turner principal transferredMobile County Public Schools’ Superintendent Martha Peek shut her door to the media Wednesday, July 2 after several teachers and principal transfers were approved at a special called board meeting.

In that meeting, Mobile County School Board members voted to transfer former J.E. Turner Principal Missy Nolen to Envision Virtual Academy. It’s an online school system for grades 6th -12th that’s starting up this August.

Lynn Huey, now former director and coordinator of Talents Unlimited, will take Nolen’s spot.

“I’m excited to go for turner it’s a wonderful school so I’m excited about that,” Huey said.


Teachers file grievance/transferred

Nolen, who never returned FOX10 news’ calls, was the subject of controversy at J.E turner Elementary this year. In fact, 26 teachers filed a grievance against Nolan during the 2013-2014 school year. “The last administration was lack of communication. And they just wanted to be treated as professionals,” said Danny Goodwin with the Alabama Education Association.

After 20 JE turner teachers were handed mandatory transfers at the end of the school year, parents and students picketed demanding the teachers stay. “If this continues and Mrs. Nolen is in office when next year rolls around, my child will be pulled out of school,” one parent voiced at that time.

On June 20, according to the Mobile County Public School System’s website, J.E. Turner Elementary School was looking for a new principal. However, when FOX10 News asked Peek if the position was vacant she said “not right now, no there’s not.” Peek said, “What you’ll see on the website are a number of vacancies that will begin to roll up because we have to work by law within a time period to advertise things.”

Teaching spots open at Turner?

Goodwin said some J.E. Turner teachers have been placed in different schools. Others are still waiting for the legal process to play out. “It may be that they’re offered jobs at Turner since there’s a new principal. That’s going to be the person talking to them about coming back to Turner,” Goodwin said. Huey said she plans to meet with the teachers and see what direction they’d like to take. She said working with the HR staff, she will work with the teacher’s futures.

Michael Davidson, who has a child at the school, said he wishes the issues at the school has been resolved sooner but he’s excited for the change in administration prior to the start of the news school year.

“We’d love to have those teachers back,” Davidson said.

“Everything we do from here on will be what’s best for the children so that will be my stand on everything, on every decision I make,” Huey said. “The adults come into play buts it’s really important we focus on our probity in the school.”

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