MPD: Two men asking for donations steal money

The Mobile Police Department is looking for two juveniles who stole about $100 dollars from a victim in the Regions Bank parking lot on Hillcrest Road.

Police said two boys approached a man and told him they were collecting money for needy children. When the man pulled out his wallet to donate, police say one of the criminals snatched about 100 dollars and ran.

Investigators said the victim was asked for his signature to verify his donation but before he had a chance to sign, the thieves stole his money.

Police said to verify a charity or organization soliciting for donations is legitimate, it’s important to ask to see the organization’s road block permit. According to MPD, organizations are required to fill the permit out and have it present when collecting money.

“Ask them to see the permit because they’re supposed to keep the permit on them at all times while collecting money,” said Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department.

If you know who the boys are who scammed and stole from the victim or if you know of any other scams happening, call Mobile Police.

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