MPD: Food bank credit card fraud totals $46,000

Ricky Glenn, Jr.
Ricky Glenn, Jr.

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – On Tuesday, July 1, the Mobile Police Department found new information in the investigation of a man who ran up the Bay Area Food Bank’s credit card bill.

Twenty-one year old Ricky Glenn Jr. was arrested on Monday, June 30 and charged with 20 counts of fraudulent credit card use.

“We’ve run this program now for ten years without a problem. It really is one bad egg out of hundreds of good people who have done good things for us,” said David Reaney, executive director of the Bay Area Food Bank.

Reaney said the incident should have never happened…and expects it to never happen again.

Police said Glenn would have people pay him cash and in turn, swipe the Food Bank’s credit card at the gas pump. He worked as a driver for the summer lunch program.

Police said Glenn’s cousin, Derry Glenn, 20, was his accomplice. He was charged with three counts of credit card fraud.

But it does not stop there…

On the first day of the investigation, police originally thought the total take was $8,000-$12,000.That changed on Tuesday.

“The Bay Area food bank has now gotten a detailed itemized list of all the transactions and once they received that, it totals over $46,000,” said Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department.

$46,070.30 to be exact.

Police said in just three days – June 27 to June 29 – the two men racked in the money on gas charges alone. The Bay Area Food Bank said that money could have provided more than 300,000 meals to those in need.

“It is a lot of money. The way we believe they were actually able to carry this out was because it was over the weekend and no one was possibly, physically, monitoring the account,” said Perkins.

“They used two cards about 400 times in a period of a couple of days at four or five gas stations,” said Reaney.

Reaney said the two credit cards used in the crimes were ordered and were late getting to the food bank for the drivers to use this summer.

“Two of our staff had to go down to the gas station and use a card – one of the regular cards – to go thru and get all the vans filled up for the drivers. To do that, they had to lift the restriction on the two uses a day because they had fifteen vehicles in line to get fueled,” said Reaney.

Reaney said the restriction was never put back on the cards…which allowed the charges to keep piling up. He said the cards have a transaction limit of two per 24 hours – only for gas.

Reaney said Glenn’s application checkout with no criminal history. He also passed his driver’s test.

The question on everyone’s mind: how many gallons of gas does $46,000 equate to? Using $3.40 as the national average for unleaded: 13,500 gallons.

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