July 4th Crafts With Michaels

The fourth of July is this week and what better way to teach your kids about the important holiday than to have them create something for it. Those with Michael’s Arts and Crafts have a few ideas for you. 

The first idea lets your child’s creativity shine. It’s a banner that can be hung anywhere in your home. The string to hang the banner can easily be made with red, white, and blue ribbon. Encourage your children to cut out shapes in construction paper like hearts and stars and write patriotic messages on them. The example given by Michael’s shows a star with a service person’s name on it along with the branch of military they are in. Once the cutouts are made, simply glue them to the ribbon and hang anywhere in your home. Michael’s also had some great ideas for centerpieces centered around the colors red, white, and blue.

For more ideas, watch the Michaels Studio10 segment here: Also, visit the Michaels website to find out more about the art classes offered for children and adults.

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