Fairhope prepares beach for the Fourth

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – A race against time is going in Baldwin County, and it involves 58 hundred tons of sand.

Fairhope city officials are trying to fix erosion at a beach area in time for the fireworks show on July Fourth.


The sound of trucks unloading sand, and bulldozers spreading it out, are in stark contrast to the usual serenity of the area near Magnolia Beach Park.

The heavy rain we had at the end of April and beginning of May caused plenty of erosion: enough to bring in 58 hundred tons of sand to extend the beach further in the bay, and strengthen the bluff.

Sherry Sullivan, the City of Fairhope’s Director of Community Affairs, said, “Especially this year, we’ve had a lot of large rainfall, and we really have not done any kind of maintenance, or adding additional sand to this area in quite some time.”


Fairhope officials said the shoring up is costing the city a little more than $100,000.

Sullivan said, “It is a safety issue. You want your bluffs to be stable. You don’t want an area where you have a lot of visitors coming to to be compromised.”

And, you’ll find plenty of walkers and joggers along the bluff.

Lisa McDonald, and her son, Stone, were walking their dog there Monday morning.

McDonald said, “I was very sad to see the wash as bad as it was. I’m glad they’re repairing it.”


Kenneth Sander was helping his son, Kelly, fish nearby at the pier.

He, too, was glad to see the new sand being trucked in.

Sander said, “We lived in Fairhope for 12 years. We’re now actually in Robertsdale, and its great, great, whats going on here.”

But, Kelly was more interested in finding out what was in his fishing net.

When asked what he caught, Kelly said, “A huge crab and some shrimp.”

Meantime, just a few yards away, workers labored on, hoping to finish the job by Wednesday, in plenty of time for Fairhope’s Independence Day fireworks show Friday along the bay.

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