ATF offers reward for info on stolen weapons

MOBILE, Ala. – Dozens of stolen guns may be contributing to violent crime in Mobile. The weapons were stolen from several pawn shops and gun stores in Mobile over the past two months.

Three pawn and gun stores in Mobile have been targeted by thieves since early May. But, Fox Ten News just only found out about the burglaries Monday, and the information came from a federal agency, not our local police department. The feds are offering a reward to get the guns and the thieves off the streets.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives believe the stolen weapons pose a threat to public safety in Mobile.

“The number of firearms is definitely a concern especially when they end up potentially on the streets, or criminal activity,” Special Agent Michael Knight said.

According to Knight 28 firearms were stolen from Parkway Pawn and Gun more than two weeks ago.

The only thing we received from Mobile Police was a brief statement that said “assorted items” were taken.

The ATF says those “assorted items” included a combination of pistols ranging from 9mm to 45 caliber, and 22 to 223 caliber rifles.

The Pawn shop burglary on Dauphin Island Parkway was June 16th.aft1 ATF offers reward for info on stolen weapons

The ATF is now working with Mobile Police, and the feds are offering rewards for information totaling three thousand dollars.

The thieves got 28 firearms from the burglary on Dauphin Island Parkway on June 16th.
Arthur Davis works at the auto shop across the street.

“We saw police but we didn’t know what had happened,” Davis said.

There was a burglary on May 3rd at Stone Arms gun shop on Airport Blvd. Seven firearms were stolen there.

Burglars also tried to get into Roberts Gun Rack on Old Shell Road on June 20th. The owner said the glass was broken in the front door at 3:25 in the morning, but the thieves never made it inside the building.roberts guns

Even though the thieves didn’t get into the store the owner has added some additional security since the break-in attempt.

There was steel mesh on the doors and windows, and new iron rails on the cement posts in front of the building.

We haven’t heard anything about these other crimes from Mobile Police.

“I can’t speak on behalf of the Mobile Police Department and their policy in terms of their incident reports that you’re speaking of daily, but the reason why we released it at this time is based on the joint effort of getting the reward setup,” Knight said.

We wanted to know if the same person, or people could be responsible for all of the burglaries?

“We don’t have any concrete information indicating it’s the same group of individual or individuals may be responsible for these attempted break in and burglaries, but we are concerned because of the close time frame, within the last two months three significant incidents occurred,” he said.

Fox Ten News tried to get an interview with Mobile Police about the crimes. We received an email that stated Mobile Police was “letting ATF handle this”.

The only good news so far is that the ATF said some of the weapons had been recovered, and they said no assault weapons were stolen.

Agent knight also indicated he was working to release surveillance video so we can show you the suspects in the burglaries.

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