Update: MPD says ice cream driver has legitimate business license


An update to a story we reported Saturday night on FOX10News.

Parents told FOX10News they became suspicious of a white ice cream van in their neighborhood after one of their children said the driver allegedly asked them if they would get into the back of his vehicle to check out a mysterious noise he was hearing while driving the van.

The incident happened in the Smokerise subdivision in west Mobile.  The mothers of the children told FOX10News they were concerned and worried after their children told them what the driver allegedly said to them.

Ashley Rains, of the Public Information Office of the Mobile Police Department, contacted FOX10News Sunday to say a Mobile Police Detective investigated the incident.

“He has a legitimate business license to sell ice cream and has done so in the Wilmer area for many years,” said Rains in an email to FOX10News this morning.  “The detective did say that he will continue to monitor the situation.”

Mobile Police say that anyone who suspects someone of trying to lure a child into a vehicle should call 9-1-1 and report the driver and the vehicle.


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