Restoration continues on Fairhope public beach

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – From just a few days ago, the public beach along scenic Highway 98 is shaping up to return to its former glory.


“I think we’re on path for Wednesday to be ready for Fourth of July, for our neighboring cities and our peoples right here in the City of Faihope and our guests that may come in. We’ll be ready for them,” Darrel Lott, a heavy equipment operator for the City of Fairhope, said.


Crews have been working the sands since Thursday, building it back up layer by layer. And the work hasn’t gone unnoticed by residents and visitors to the beach.


“It looks completely different than it did a couple of weeks ago when we were here. It looks good,” Caitlin Brown, a Mobile resident, said.


Officials said things will greatly ramp up Monday with between 30 to 40 truckloads coming in.


”Monday we’re going to get pretty much on the ball a whole lot more. We’ll have more trucks, more people, more work,” Lott said.


Bill Martiniere lives just down the road from the beach and came out to fish with his sons. He said the progress has been good, but he hopes the work will continue beyond this week.


“The question will be how long is it going to last because erosion is kind of a cycle and is going to continue to happen. So as long as they keep maintaining like they are, I think it will be a nice thing for the community here,” Martiniere said.


Engineering officials said once this work is done, they will likely come back to add sand every other year to make sure time and water doesn’t erode all their hard work.

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