DYW winner speaks on family inspiration

The 2014 distinguished young woman is thanking a family member for inspiring her to join the scholarship program.

We brought you the news last night that Georgia’s Brooke Rucker won the top award. She competed with 49 other finalists, from each state.

Rucker is now taking home more than $50,000 dollars in scholarships.

Brooke says she would never have started down this path if not for some prophetic advice from her older brother.

“When I was 11-years-old he had a friend who competed in it and he came home and said, ‘Brooke, I really think you should look into this program. It might be something that you’re interested in.’ so I’m 11 at the time and I was like, ‘yeah sure, whatever. I’ll do it just for you.’ so junior year I signed up for it, we went on to the state program, we ended up winning that as well. Now we’re here and I’m the distinguished young woman of America,” Rucker said.

Birmingham’s Madeline Powell brought pride to Alabama, winning first runner-up in last night’s finals.

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