Church fire update: congregation worship under the trees

Last Wednesday, fire heavily damaged the Community of Christ Church on Azalea Road.  Mobile firefighters responded to the three-alarm blaze shortly before noon.

Pastor Wayne Gibson said since the fire investigators could not certify the building would be safe by Sunday, Gibson said he and his church members would worship under the trees on the property.  Around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, church members gathered to enjoy the morning sunshine while not minding the heat and humidity.

Pastor Gibson told FOX10News, he hopes to get the green light on getting back inside the church soon.  He was in the church the day of the fire.  “I went to the copy room and when I opened the door for that room, it was in flames,” said Green.  “There were flames all up the ceiling, so I shut the door and ran down back to my office, picked up the land line and it was dead, so I picked up the cell phone and called them (Mobile firefighters) out here.”

Fire investigators say the fire damaged the roof and spread to the sanctuary.  “We do have considerable damage, so we will have to assess that,” said the Pastor.  “The Good Lord is going to take care of us.  Always has and always will.”

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