Children of critically injured crane operator “hopeful”

MOBILE, Ala. – An Irvington man critically injured in a crane accident in Mississppi last week is showing signs of improvement at USA Medical Center.

60 year old John Williams remained in the 8th floor intensive care unit at USA Medical Center Sunday. His four children came outside Sunday to give Fox Ten News reporter Renee Dials an update on their father’s condition.

“He had a traumatic blow to the head…”They’re relieving pressure off his brain. He has broken bones all over when he first came in he had very low blood pressure, and they had to bring his blood pressure back up and he lost his eye,” daughter Vicky LeMaire said.

“When he first come in he wasn’t hardly recognizable, now today and yesterday he started to have movement in his arms and his legs, so we’re all very hopeful,” son Jeremiah Williams said.

Williams saif he saw the accident on TV Wednesday. That’s when he called to check on his father.

“I had called my father’s phone and then someone from his work had actually answered it an told me what had happened,” he said.

Williams was operating a crane at VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula when it collapsed. A second crane fell into a building.

The siblings said their father was taken to a hospital in Mississippi at first.

“Daddy went with the rest of the guys to Singing River. Then they couldn’t do anything. They don’t have a Trauma Unit over there apparently, so they had to life lift him here,” daughter Venetia Leverett said.

“Their Trauma Unit was pretty full. There were a lot of accidents that same day, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it,” daughter Valeria Guy said.

The family thankful for the prayers for their father, and they say they’re especially grateful for the medical care he’s received at USA.

Still, it’s been a very difficult ordeal for the entire family.

“I’m a nurse so I deal with a lot of trauma patients, but it was hard being on the other end of the spectrum for me,” LeMaire said.

LeMaire said her father was still on a ventilator and was not conscious, but she said he showed signs of movement in his arms and legs when family members talked to him.

A second worker who was inside the building when a crane fell on it is also being treated at USA.
Two others were treated in Mississippi for minor injuries.

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