Parents: West Mobile ice cream truck driver attempts child enticement

MOBILE, Ala. – An ice cream truck creates concern in one west Mobile neighborhood after the driver allegedly asks some children to get inside.
FOX10 News talked to two moms who said they don’t know what the driver had in mind, and they reported the incident to police.

It was about 7:30 Friday when an ice cream truck with a “cow bell” sound came through the Smokerise subdivision in west Mobile.

“It was a white, I think they call it an Econo line van. It had stickers on the side, Spiderman, different kind of ice creams.. The only windows it had in the van were the front window and of course the front windshield. I thought that was kind of odd, because usually there’s a sliding window at the side that you would buy ice cream from,” the mother said.

One woman who didn’t want to be identified said her teenage son and his friend were walking on the main road when the driver asked them to get into the back of his van.

“The ice cream man motioned them over to the vehicle and asked them if they would get in the back, and ride with him a little ways down the road, that he was hearing a noise in the back of his van, and was trying to find out what it was,” she said.

The teens told their parents. The mother said she followed and confronted the driver.

“I did approach the gentleman and ask him what was he thinking? Why would he? Of course he said it was all innocent. I just told him not to come back by my house,” she said.

The second mom read us her sons written description of what happened.

“The man said he was going to pull up to the side and make it easier. Although, I’m not sure what he was talking about, because I clearly said we would not get in and that we had somewhere to be,” she read.

The mothers and their children say they’ve never seen the ice cream truck before. But, one mom says she’s only been in the neighborhood a short time. Others in the area say they have seen a similar truck with the cow bell in the past.
But whether the driver is a regular in the area or not, the teenagers parents say his actions were inappropriate.

“The fact is that luring a minor into any vehicle is illegal, and it’s an arrestable offense,” she said.

Mobile police are investigating the report. they said anyone who suspects someone is trying to get a child into a vehicle should call 911 and report the driver and the vehicle.
FOX10 News Reporter Renee Dials will have more on the story at 9 p.m.

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