Assault suspect in Mobile Metro Jail

Elvert Pritchett

A man Mobile Police was looking for after a shooting two nights ago is in jail.

According to Mobile Metro Jail logs, Elvert Dwashaye Pritchett, turned himself in to authorities and was booked into the jail at 10:42 p.m. Friday night.

Investigators said they were searching for the 31 year-old Pritchett after a fight broke out Thursday night at the Dauphin Gate Apartments in Mobile.

Police say one of the people involved in the fight went to get a gun to shoot another man, also involved in the altercation.

When the man returned, armed with a weapon, the man he allegedly wanted to shoot was not there, so, instead, another man was shot in the chest at that location.

The victim is in critical condition.

Pritchett was named by Mobile Police as a suspect in this case.  He was booked into the jail on charges of Assault, Theft and Domestic Violence.


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