New beach express a speed trap?

With the new portion of The Baldwin County Beach Express open, a lot of you may be hitting the roadway. Right now, the speed limit in the construction area is 35 miles per hour and it’s gotten some people in trouble with the law for speeding.

Fox10 News rode along with a Summerdale Police officer who said they’re not patrolling the area just for speeders. Police said they’re also trying to get used to the new road and make sure the construction crews who are finishing up the work on the expressway are safe.

Once construction is finished the speed limit will bump up to 55 mph and Baldwin County Engineer Cal Market, said he expects that will happen Saturday, June 28.

“Every side street is going to show a construction zone. County Road 32, County Road 34, County Road 38,” Miller said. “We just want to drive it for ourselves and look for different things as far as violations go.”

Miller said he’s written about ten tickets since the Baldwin Beach Express has opened and the average speed has been 70 mph in a 35 mph zone.

“You’ve got 7 miles from the Baldwin beach express all the way down through the Summerdale area,” Miller said.

When its dark, Miller said the road is particularity dangerous especially with livestock around and farm equipment traveling on the roadways.


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