Kristan Mikala and the Paradox perform

Kristan Mikala and the Paradox is a veritable powerhouse of a band based in Dothan. Known for their engaging and creative interpretations of high-energy rock covers as well as fun, relatable originals, Kristan Mikala and the Paradox brings a party wherever they go. 

Formed and fronted by a dynamic, award-winning vocalist and songwriter, the band has been performing widely in the Southeast throughout 2014. The band’s drummer, David Ozbun, brings an inventive, punk-rock edge whereas the bassist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ken Younce, has a solid radio rock and party country vibe. Sam Williams, the band’s primary guitarist, brings technical skill from years of experience in complex metal to the table, and Steven Ozbun, the band’s newest guitarist addition, draws from his extensive work in pop-rock and modern rock and roll. Kristan Mikala’s powerful, nuanced vocals and writing style are drawn from heavy influences of hard rock and bluesy country. Together, the five diverse musicians have more than 75 years of performance experience and have united to form the area’s hottest new band, Kristan Mikala and the Paradox.

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