Google Announces Android Auto

Apple has announced that its cutting the price of iPod Touch devices. Its also offering an upgrade to its cheapest model. The least expensive 16 gigabyte iPod Touch goes from $229 to $199. Apple has added a camera to it, and new color options. The 32 gigabyte dropped from $299 to $249, while the 64 gigabyte drops $100 from $399 to $299. The iPod Touch features a touchscreen, wifi access to the internet, and Apple’s app store, and a music player.

Facebook is reportedly working on a way to put the social network into the workplace in a more positive way. The company is building an at-work version of Facebook called FB@work. Facebook isn’t saying much about the project other than quote “We are making work more fun and efficient by building an at-work version of Facebook.”

And, Google wants to put Android in your car, and has announced Android Auto. It will be completely voice enabled and will help users navigate, communicate and listen to music in their cars. Google says the system will allow for hands-free access. Twenty-five car manufacturers have promised to build Android Auto powered cars. And the first cars with the new system will roll off the lots before the end of the year.

That’s your Daily Tech.



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