Free Media Storage Apps

Taking too many selfies lately and gobbling up all the storage space on your smartphone?  Well there an app for that –make that two.

Shutter, and Trunx are two new services hoping to make a mark with free and unlimited storage for your pictures, videos and even movies.
Both apps use cloud-based servers in order to offer users infinite space.


Take pictures or videos directly with the app and instead of storing the image on your phone, it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud.
Share the images with your friends from your smartphone, via email or social media.
No need to worry about the length, Shutter doesn’t have a limit on how long the videos are or how many pictures you can send.  However, often times when you try to share pictures with your camera-roll there’s a limit on how many you can send.  There are also limits on the length of videos shared.  For longer videos, you may have to edit the clip a smaller file, or make a YouTube or Vimeo link.  Again, none of this is an issue with StreamNation’s Shutter app.

All of the content is converted into a timeline, so users can can look at their videos or pictures from a smartphone, desktop, or on TV with Chromecast or Apple TV.  Plus, there’s an option to make certain files available offline.


Offers many of the same features as the Shutter app.  It doesn’t offer the offline option, but you can take pictures with an audio overlay.  Other tools include, features for creating and managing collaborative photo albums.  And like with Shutter, files on Trunx can be organized by date and time or using tags.

Opting for cloud-based storage apps is the way to go if you are looking to free up valuable storage space on your phone — and if your device is ever stolen or lost, you still got access to your photos.

Sure you’ve got services like Dropbox or Google Plus Photos that already offer direct uploads to the cloud.   But generally, you only get a few Gigabytes of free storage –after that you’re asked to pay up.

So far Shutter is only available for iOS devices. The company says an Android version will be released soon.  Trunx is available for both Android and iOS phones.

So which on is better?  Well, the both seem to offer the same features and services.  The one difference seems to be the window in which you can sign up.   Trunx is only offering unlimited storage to people who sign up until the end of 2014.  Shutter says its free storage is available to anyone –forever.


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