Amy Adams gives first-class airline seat to soldier, passenger says


FOX News –Amy Adams has enchanted audiences with roles in everything from Disney musicals to the Oscar-nominated “American Hustle,” but it’s likely the ever-popular startlet just gained more fans—through a subtle act of kindness.

According to ESPN host Jemele Hill, Adams gave up her first-class seat on a flight so an American soldier could sit in the classy cabin. Hill, who co-hosts “Numbers Never Lie,” tweeted about the event from her verified account.

Hill told ABC News that Adams asked privately to have their seats traded.

“I was incredibly impressed, and I’m not even sure if the soldier knew who gave him that seat,” Hill said.

Adams, whose father was in the military, settled into a coach seat for the flight.

“Ms. Adams did it so quietly and quickly that it speaks to her character,” Hill added. “And somebody in coach just got a helluva seatmate!”

Hill and a rep for Adams did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.

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