Shoplifter caught on camera

Surveillance video of Zeal Boutique on Schillinger Road captured a woman rummaging through some clothing and stealing it. The video shows a blonde woman taking clothing off hangers, rolling it up and stuffing it in her purse.

“When we found (empty) hangers, we always get suspicious but when we found the tags, we knew so we went back and checked the video and she was doing it right in front of us,” said Zeal Boutique employee, Elizabeth Scott.

Employees said they found some of the tags on the floor and other ones stuffed underneath a cloth. In one part of the store, the woman steals four pieces of clothing before moving to another part of the store and stealing four more.

In the video, you can see a little girl beside the woman. “You don’t usually think someone would bring their child and do something like that in front of their kid so that was disappointing,” Scott said.

It’s the third time thieves have hit the store this week and since then, the owners have increased staff.

“When anyone comes in we’re always walking around watching, never preoccupied with something else when there are customers in the store,” Scott said.

The owners of the store said they’ve filed three police reports, one for each time they’ve been stolen from this week.

If you know anything about these crimes, call Mobile Police.

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