Fairhope approves sand to fix erosion at beach area

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – The city of Fairhope has approved bids for nearly 6,000 tons of sand to be brought in to fix erosion problems at the public beach. That work is already underway.

Truckloads of sand started coming on Wednesday, June 26, 2014 and by Thursday you could
already see progress being made. It will take 5,800 tons of sand to fix the eroded
beachfront between the Pier Street boat ramp and Pecan Street. It will cost the city
around $65,000 for the materials and trucking, but those who enjoy the waterfront say it’s
money well spent.

“I think it’s a great idea. I hate to see the beaches washed away, so I’m so glad they’re
doing it,” said Judy Weber who was out for a walk with friends.

So just how much sand is 5,800 tons? To put it into perspective, it will be about 240
large dumptruck loads. Aaron Boone’s trucking company won the bid for bringing in the sand
from a Foley based mining operation. He says it will take several days to get it all in.

“It’s a big area there where you’ve got the erosion,” Boone explained. “If you take that
heighth up there on the hill going out into the water right there, it’s a pretty good bit.”

When finished, the new beach will go out an additional 40 to 50 feet into the bay and gain
over five feet in elevation. It will mean that walkers along the bayfront will have to
endure some heavy equipment for a week or so, but most say the end result will be worth it.

“Not at all. Not at all. It doesn’t bother us a bit. Anything to make Fairhope beautiful
is good for us,” said another walker.

The city hopes to be able to work through the weekend and have the project completed in
time for the 4th of July holiday.

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