Android Wear and Android TV

Google’s wearable computer called Google Glass can be used to steal people’s personal identification numbers from just 10 feet away. This is according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts who developed special software to analyze the shadows and movements of peoples’ fingers to decipher pins. Google, on the other hand, says Glass is a quote “lousy surveillance device”.

Amazon’s drone delivery dream has been shot down. The FAA ruled that delivering packages using a drone is illegal and dangerous. This applies to all commercial businesses right now. But the agency says it will revisit the the idea of small drones later this year.

And, if you want, you can now rock a mini Android on your wrist. Both LG and Samsung’s first Android Wear smart watches are available for purchase. The watches went on sale yesterday. Android Wear devices will be available with both rectangular and circular screens and will come in a wide variety of fashionable designs in the Google store.

Speaking of Android, Google has introduced a new Android TV operating system. Android TV will play movies and TV shows, and users will be able to control it through mobile phones and tablets. It isn’t a set-top box like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but a software system that will be embedded into your smart TV.

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