Purse snatching suspect wanted

Mobile Police have identified two people they say may have been involved in a purse snatching in the Target parking lot on Schillinger Road.

Police say 24-year-old Daniel Powell is wanted on second-degree robbery charges while 26-year-old Shannon Laurio.

The victim suffered multiple injuries during the incident.

Cathy Downey said she was holding her purse in a shopping cart unloading

shannon laurio Purse snatching suspect wanted
Police say Shannon Laurio is wanted for questioning only in connection with a purse snatching case.

her groceries when a thief came up behind her and tried to steal it. When she didn’t let go of the purse, she said she was knocked to the ground.

“He yanked me and the purse down so I fell face forward landing on my left knee. My left hand was still on the purse,” Downey said.

If you have any information about their whereabouts, call Mobile Police.

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