MFRD: Community of Christ Church catches fire

coc2 MFRD: Community of Christ Church catches fire
Azalea Road Church Fire

Pastor Wayne Gibson of Community of Christ Church said he was inside the church Wednesday, June 25 when he heard a popping sound and noticed the electricity wasn’t working. When he went searching for the problem, that’s when he discovered a fire in the copy room of the church.

“I went to the copy room and when I opened the door for that room, it was in flames. There were flames all up the ceiling so I shut the door, ran down back to my office, picked up the land line and it was dead. I picked up the cell phone and called them (the fire department) out here,” said Pastor Gibson.

First responders battled the blaze from the roof of the church but that wasn’t enough.

While crews were on scene, officials said the fire spread to the sanctuary so crews created another opening to get more oxygen into the church, and get the church out.

“Every time an area is opened and oxygen gets into that area, the fire will increase until were able to completely extinguish it,” said Interim Mobile Fire Chief, Randy Smith.

A third alarm went out to get more firefighters on the ground and by 2p.m. the fire was under control.

“We do have considerable damage so we will have to assess that. The good Lord is going to take care of us. Always has and always will,” Pastor Gibson said.

Pastor Gibson said he’s thankful he was at the church when he discovered the fire in the copy room.

“That’s a central room as far as our wiring and the way it comes together and that’s probably where it originated from,” Pastor Gibson said.

The pastor said the church was going to host a cookout tonight but that’s been canceled. No word from officials on the amount of damage at this time.

Community of Christ Church fire
The Community of Christ Church on Azalea Road in Mobile was on fire June 25, 2014, the Mobile Fire-rescue department said.
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