Boating Safety with Sheriff Cochran

We want you to be safe this summer when you’re out in your boat, and so does Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran. He tells Cherish Lombard if a problem were to arise, he could send out members of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Flotilla. The organization was set up to conduct search and or rescue of anyone lost or drowned in Mobile County or at the request of neighboring counties. Sheriff Cochran says he hopes you never have to rely on the Mobile County Sheriff’s Flotilla, so he has some boating safety tips. 

1. Make sure you have enough life jackets for everyone on board.
2. Pay attention to the weather. Log onto and check the forecast before you put your boat in the water.
3. Avoid drinking alcohol.
4. Learn to swim.
5. Have a float plan.You can download a float plan at This ensures someone knows where you are at all times.

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