Victim’s purse stolen, teeth knocked out

FOX10 News spoke exclusively with a victim whose purse was stolen Saturday, June 21 in the Target parking lot on Schillinger Road.

Cathy Downey said she was holding her purse in a shopping cart unloading her groceries when a thief came up behind her and tried to steal it. When she didn’t let go of the purse, she said she was knocked to the ground.

“He yanked me and the purse down so I fell face forward landing on my left knee. My left hand was still on the purse,” Downey said.

Downey said when she hit the ground, her two front teeth were knocked out but she wasn’t giving up.

“I lunged for my purse again and couldn’t reach it. As he stumbled getting up, he got up and grabbed my purse. I grabbed my keys and hit the panic button. I was blessed my keys fell out,” Downey said.

Downey said once she hit the panic button, witnesses helped her up and one man even chased after the suspects who got away in a white Pontiac Grand Am.

The criminals took cash from the purse then dumped it.

Downey is recovering from a sprained ankle, bruised knees, scrapped hands and a possible hairline fracture to her elbow. She said she’s been in and out of the hospital and she’s getting better every day.

“Everyone asks why didn’t you let go of your purse? It never crossed my mind. I just saw him lunging toward my purse it was in my hand and I’m thinking no that’s mine and the next thing I know we were on the ground,” Downey said.

Downey said the man who stole her purse was laughing throughout the robbery.

Downey descried the suspects as a male and female with blonde hair in their early twenties. She said her attacker was about six feet tall and 180 pounds wearing a white hat and white shirt. Downey said a woman was driving the White Pontiac Grand Am.

The car was last spotted heading North on Leroy Stevens Road.



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