Help clean up Three Mile Creek

This year, Mobile Baykeeper has been involved in a comprehensive project to reduce pollution in Three Mile Creek, a historic waterway in Mobile that provided the city’s drinking water supply until World War II. Three Mile Creek begins near the University of South Alabama, and makes its way through the city before emptying in the Mobile River and then Mobile Bay. Unfortunately, as the creek passes through West Mobile, Springhill, Toulminville, Midtown and Downtown, it picks up the city’s storm water runoff, including the unsightly and unhealthy trash that ends up cluttering the creek bank. 

The next cleanup is Thursday, June 26th. If you would like to help out, meet in Bienville Square at 9:30am. If you would like more information, please call 251.433.4229.

Mobile Baykeeper
450 C Government St.
Mobile AL 36602

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