Daphne to restrict e-cigarette use?

One eastern shore city may be the next in line to outlaw the use of e-cigarettes or vaping
in some public places. Daphne’s ordinance committee is looking into ammending the city’s
existing smoking ordinance to include a ban on e-cigarettes.

The use of e-cigarettes or “vaping” as it’s called continues to grow in popularity. The
non-tobaco deviced deliver nicotine through a liquid that’s heated into a vapor. Lately
the city of Daphne has received complaints about their use inside city facilities like the
civic center and library.

“Some of those incidents, they disturbed others, but we didn’t have clear guidance and
we’re looking to correct that situation,” explained Daphne Mayor, Dane Haygood.

In response, the city’s looking at creating an addendum to the existing smoking ordinance,
which would prohibit vaping inside any city building. But, it may not stop there. City
parks could follow.

“We’ve also had a couple incidents at tournaments…at ball fields where someone has
disturbed another’s enjoyment of their child’s games so it’s certainly something we’ve got
to consider,” Haygood said.

“My personal opinion is I’m against any kind of smoking, because I think all of it is bad
for the lungs,” said Fred Long who’s in favor of the ban inside and out.

Not all agree. Some say their use of e-cigarettes shouldn’t cause concern for others and
the city shouldn’t say when or where to use them.

“I think they’re going a little too far. I understand the concern of wanting to ban vaping
from public places is because they do contain nicotine, however to me that’s silly,” said
vaper, Jennifer Turner.

“Inside should be banned because I’m against that. I don’t believe you should vape where
you can’t smoke. That’s just my opinion, but outside It should be definitely legal. It’s
fine,” said fellow vaper, Blake Freeman.

The city’s legal staff is going over the document and it will come back to the ordinance
committee on July 9th. The city council will still be taking public comment at their next
two regularly scheduled meetings.

“They can also come to the Ordinance Committee meeting. It’s a public meeting as well so
there’s at least three more oportunities. Plus, you can contact your council person or the
Mayor’s office right now,” Haygood said.

The next two city council meetings are on July 7th and the first Monday in August. The
fine for violating the current smoking ordinance is $50 per offense plus court costs. The
re-vamped ordinance will stricktly relate to city owned and operated facilities.

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