Seven-year-old crash victim thanks firefighters

A seven-year-old girl is showing us all how southern hospitality is done.

Ellie baked a bunch of cookies for the seven hills volunteer firefighters.

She delivered them to the fire station on Saturday, June 22. and she says she owes the volunteers her thanks.

She says she got the fright of her life a couple of weeks ago, when she was in a bad car crash with her dad.

“A fire lady i think that was from here and a policeman and some of these firemen were there.”

“The majority of the time, the accidents we see don’t turn out this well. It’s a real joy and it lifts all of us up to continue to do what we do everyday, when we get to sit here and hold onto this precious little thing after we got her out of the car,”said Chaplain Mike Wilson.

“We took probably almost an hour and baked millions of cookies, Ellie said.”

The Seven Hills Volunteer Fire Department is located on Newman Road, about a mile south of Airport Boulevard.

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