MPD: Murder victim was shot during robbery in April.

MOBILE, Ala. – We’re learning new details about a murder we first told you about this weekend. It happened on Ridge Street which connects with Webb Avenue. It’s an area police labeled a hotspot for crime.

Mobile police officially released the name of the victim Monday.

Mobile Police said 19 year old Dave Populus died from multiple gunshot wounds Friday night. The crime happened on Ridge Street.

Police said Populus was also the victim of another shooting on Williams Street back in April. He told officers he asked someone for a ride to Dauphin Island Parkway, and when he got out of the car the man pulled a gun on him and demanded his property.

“On April 15 Mr. Populus was the victim of a robbery first degree in which he was shot in the leg,” Ashley Rains said.

When asked about the outcome of that case Rains responded,

“The victim in that case, Mr. Populus failed to prosecute so that case is exceptionally cleared,” she said.

Fox Ten News reporter Renee Dials talked to the victim’s grandmother this weekend. Brenda Populus said the family was devastated by the murder.

“I don’t really know anything about what happened to cause this to happen. I really don’t know. As a matter of fact, none of us do right now,” Populus said.

Fox Ten News was not aware of the earlier shooting when I talked to the family Sunday.

Could the robbery and the murder be linked? We did ask police about suspects in this latest shooting.

“Our investigators are looking into witness statements and things of that nature. So it is ongoing as to whether there was one or more shooters,” Rains said.

Police have not named any suspects in connection with Populus’ murder.

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