Celeste Road Baptist Church rebuilt in one week

A church in Saraland now has a roof, months after the original sanctuary burned to the ground.

Last week, builders said they’d have the new Celeste Road Baptist Church standing by today
and from what we could see, progress has been speedy.

“The first week after the fire, we had church services in the parking lot here. That was in October,” said Rev. Eddie Holmes.

“Last Sunday as he was here with us, your cameraman was with us, it was nothing but a slab here just a few days ago. It was really amazing because even our own people we know that god can do anything but, even our own people said last week when we said next week when you come there will be a church sitting there, they were sort of leery,” said Rev. Eddie Holmes.

“And we ran across I guess the most blessed people in the world, the Texas Church Builders of Abeline. They come in here with almost 200 people and in one week, if you can see behind me with church in one week we went from ground to a church that’s almost inhabitable.”

“You’ve got to believe in miracles when you see that.”

Members have been worshiping in a portable sanctuary for months. They’ll get to enjoy their new church, as soon as wiring, dry walling, and other finishing touches are done.





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