Houston St. murder victim’s mom speaks out

The mother of another murder victim says she wants justice for her son.

Stefanie Crawford gathered with a small group at Lyons Park Saturday, June 21, hoping to draw attention to her son’s case.

Antonio Crawford was shot and killed at a home on Houston Street in April. At first, police said the people living there were defending themselves. But later, they arrested the homeowner Joseph Booth.

Investigators say the two men arrived at booth’s house together.

According to investigators, booth tampered with evidence before officers arrived.

Now, Crawford says she doesn’t believe the man accused of killing her son, will get a fair trial in Mobile.

“I just feel like the way the bond hearing went that I would not get no kind of justice for my son, and I want it to be moved to another city, and I don’t want judge Graddick to handle it at all, because they was too friendly and laughing back and forth. I want justice for my son,” Crawford said.

The murder suspect, Joseph Booth, is out of jail on $150,000 bond.

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