Victim: I thought he was going to kill me

Vincent Johnson is behind bars on one million dollars bond after law enforcement said he committed two violent robberies three weeks apart from each other. Both crimes were caught on surveillance video.

Wednesday, June 18 Pensacola Police Department said Johnson went into the Boost Mobile store and punched Jessica Smith in the face before taking money from the register and leaving.

“I thought he was going to kill me and I could not let that happen. There was a lot of fear and just wanting to stay alive,” Smith said.

Smith, who is six months pregnant with a boy, said she was knocked unconscious. She is recovering at home but went to Johnson’s court hearing Friday, June 20.

“It was hard to see him again. It was on video surveillance but it was very heavy,” Smith said.

She said it’s been a “really intense ride” and it’s been difficult.

Sherry Bryson can relate to how Smith feels. She said she was attacked by Johnson at Happy Nicks three weeks ago. Bryson said he was a regular at the store but on May 28, he didn’t come in for food, he came in for cash.

“He came behind the counter so I said what do you need? Next thing I know, that’s when he punched me. He didn’t know how to open the register so I thought ‘okay I might get another beating or I can open the register.’ so I opened the register and he took money and scratch offs,” Bryson said.

Bryson said when she saw what happened to Smith, it brought back memories.

“I felt the pain because he hit her hard too,” Bryson said.

Smith said she’s received a lot of positive feedback from the community and that’s given her a lot of strength and helped her stay positive.

Police said sharing the video on social media sites helped them catch and arrest Johnson who’s charged with felony battery and robbery.


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