Two sent to the hospital fighting blaze

Mobile Fire Rescue responded to Springhill Ave and North Julia Street around 9p.m. Friday, June 20 for a report of smoke coming from the Cash Saver Cost Plus Food Outlet.

The store is temporarily closed.

Operations manager Stephen Thomas said the store is a branch of Greer’s Market. He said appears the fire started near the meat department.

“I was coming back from dinner down town and noticed all the fire trucks so I pulled in and unfortunately one of our stories caught on fire it looks like one of the meat cases,” Thomas said.

While first responders were on scene, a car drove around a police barricade and over a hose causing the hose to burst open and spray water across the street.

“When you see hose lines across the road that’s or lifeline. That’s what keeps us from getting hurt and killed on these things so if you see a hose across the road like that don’t run over it please because these kinds of things happen,” said Brian Gilliland.

Gilliland said this time, it didn’t affect the operation and crews were able to extinguish the fire but not without some injuries.

Officials said two firefighters were taken to the hospital due to a minor injury and heat exhaustion.

Mobile Fire Rescue has not released the condition of the hospitalized fire fighters.

Thomas said all the employees were safe.

“Luckily they were out of here, they closed down about 7:30 so I haven’t really got on the video to see what time the fire started so that’s the next thing were going to do,” Thomas said.

Thomas estimates the store will be closed for about a week.

If you still want to go to a Greer’s Cash Saver store while the one on Springhill Ave is closed, Thomas said there are stores open in Crichton and on Broad Street.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.



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