OBPD: Vacationer behind bars after leaving step-son for drugs

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – A Mississippi man remains behind bars tonight in Baldwin County after he allegedly abandoned his 13-year-old step son for drugs while he was on vacation in Orange Beach.

It all started when police say 43-year-old Christopher Katzes, took his 13-year-old step son to go fishing at the Gulf State Park Pier while they were vacationing in Orange Beach.

Orange Beach Police investigators tell FOX10 Katzes left the boy on the pier for an extended period of time, then came back, and then left the child for a final time, leaving the boy to find his own way home.

“He consumed some alcohol at some point while he was there at the pier, and then left, and returned, and then left a second time, leaving the 13-year-old there and not returning,” said Lt. Steve Brown with Orange Beach Police.

That’s when Katzes allegedly went, on what police call, a two-day binge, in the Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area.

Katzes allegedly stole a family car to get around, and used stolen family credit cards to make various purchases while on the so-called binge.

Police say he also stole prescription pills from family members, and bought crack cocaine while on the binge.

He was ultimately found in the parking lot of a grocery store in Orange Beach, sitting in the car police say he stole.

A fishing trip that ended in 11 charges for this Orange Beach vacationer, including abandonment of a child, four counts of theft of property, and various drug charges.

Katzes now faces a bond of $66,000.

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