MFRD releases accident numbers

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – FOX10 News is looking into Mobile Fire-Rescue Department’s recent car accidents and how many of them have been reported to the Mobile Police Department.

A report was not filed with MPD after the Interim Mobile Fire Chief Randy Smith hit a telephone pole near the central fire station and caused $1,964.87 to a city vehicle. Smith passed an alcohol and drug test and admitted to “inattentive fault”. He was given a verbal counseling that will go into his personnel file.

MFRD says MPD is only notified when the vehicle involves a civilian vehicle, property and/or injuries occur.

“We do a report on all incidents and they are reviewed by the accident review committee/panel. All reports are sent to the City of Mobile Safety and Performance Office,” said MFRD Spokesperson Steve Huffman.

Huffman said in 2013 12 of the 18 calls MPD was notified. And in 2014 2 of the 14 calls the police department was called.

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