World Cup Viewing Parties!

Looking for an awesome place to watch the World Cup Soccer games?  O’Daly’s Irish Pub on Dauphin Street in Mobile boasts an incredible atmosphere!

You can check out nearly every World Cup game at the Pub, but more specifically, the place goes bananas when USA takes the field!  Everybody is dressed up, there are chants, cheers songs and more.  It’s great for the soccer beginner or a soccer expert.  

For a much better idea of what the atmosphere is like O’Daly’s, click on the Studio10 video link.

O’Daly’s will open at 3pm this Sunday (June 22, 2014) for the USA vs Portugal match!

O’Daly’s Irish Pub
564 Dauphin Street
Mobile, AL

Follow O’Daly’s on Facebook at

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